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Due to the rain predicted, Saturday’s Homecoming Parade has been canceled. The 5K and 1-mile Fun Run will still begin at 6 a.m. on Saturday. The Panther Den and tailgate experience will still take place on Saturday beginning at 12 p.m. outside of the Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Wellness Complex. All indoor activities on Saturday will still occur as scheduled. Homecoming Schedule of Events »
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Proposal Submission

The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) is the entity at Claflin University with authorization to submit applications to external sponsors for funding. SPO submits applications utilizing the specific method of transmission set forth in the sponsor guidelines.

Depending on the sponsor guidelines, the assigned Sponsored Programs Administrator may grant permission to the principal investigator to submit the application. But, the majority of applications will be submitted by the Sponsored Programs Administrator. Faculty are not authorized to submit external applications to sponsors without permission from SPO. 

 (SPO will make every attempt to meet all sponsor deadlines. But, SPO cannot guarantee that applications submitted less than 5 days prior to the deadline will receive a detailed review that identifies noncompliance with sponsor requirements.)

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Federal Grant Submission Systems 


SPO utilizes Grants.gov for the majority of federal grant submissions except for NIH, NSF and NASA. Grants.gov utilizes the Workspace application form for grant seekers to apply for federal grants. Workspace allows multiple users to access and edit the application forms.

You must be registered in grants.gov to submit a Workspace application. Once registered, you can create an application in Workspace.

Registration and the creation of a Workspace application can be complete by using the following the directions. Please contact the SPO office if you require assistance.

Grants.gov Instructional Guide

Website:  www.grants.gov

National Science Foundation (NSF) Research.gov/Fastlane

For all NSF applications, SPO recommends that applications are prepared in Research.gov or Fastlane.

You must be registered in Research.gov to submit an application to NSF. If you are not registered in Research.gov or need your password reset, please contact the SPO office. Registration in Research.gov can take between two – three business days, so please plan accordingly.  

Website:  https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/

National Institutes of Health (NIH) – ASSIST 

Applications to NIH should be prepared in the Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST). ASSIST is a user friendly proposal submission system for NIH. You must have an eRA Commons ID to prepare an application in ASSIST. If you do not have an eRA Commons ID, then you need to contact the SPO office to register in the system. 

Login Website: https://public.era.nih.gov/assist/public/login.era?TYPE=33554433&REALMOID=06-58b5535a-f2c3-40ec-b9ff-a06a3ed4ee18&GUID=&SMAUTHREASON=0&METHOD=GET&SMAGENTNAME=-SM-938PYmoLVb4VrDeXo04LZUDVDvc%2b3899ByInEAjuSUvWNIGfB2zRpWiCivYGCogG&TARGET=-SM-HTTPS%3a%2f%2fpublic%2eera%2enih%2egov%2fassist%2f


Applications to NASA must be submitted through NSPIRES. NSPIRES is NASA’s electronic proposal submission system. You must be registered and affiliated with Claflin University in NSPIRES before you can create a Notice of Intent, submit a proposal or view the status of an application. Please contact the SPO office for assistance with registering in NSPIRES. 

The link for User Registration 


The link for Tutorial Guide for using NSPIRES


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